Peninsula Pipeline Company

Serving Florida’s natural gas transportation needs since 2007.

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Natural Gas Projects

The many benefits of natural gas make it an environmentally responsible energy choice for your home.

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Why Choose Natural Gas?

Sandpiper Energy works closely with builders and developers, whether the opportunity is residential, commercial or industrial.

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Natural Gas Pipeline FAQs

With Sandpiper Energy Budget Billing, you can stabilize your monthly energy costs and pay the same amount each month during the winter heating season.

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Rates and Tariffs

Natural gas can provide the most cost-effective solution for space heating, cooling, water heating and other operational needs for your business.

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Natural Gas is Safe, Abundant, Reliable, Efficient and Economical

Through its underground pipeline facilities, Peninsula Pipeline Company (PPC) is dedicated to transporting domestic fuel services throughout the Florida market.

As a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation, a company with over 160 years in the energy business, customers can count on PPC to provide solutions that are cost effective and meet or exceed their intrastate natural gas transportation needs.