Call To Have Your Utility Lines Located Before You Dig – It’s Free

Utility lines beneath the ground provide all the essentials of a modern home, including electricity, water, natural gas and sewer. Call 811 to locate them before you start any projects that involve digging on your property—like landscaping, fence installation or construction. It’s the law, one that can prevent thousands of dollars in damage and the risk of injuries.

Call 811. It’s Free. It’s the Law.

Here’s what happens next after you call 811 to have underground utilities located.

  1. A utility locator comes out to your home or business.
  2. The contractor locates natural gas and utility lines on your property — free of charge.
  3. The contractor uses visual markers to identify the lines so you know where it’s safe to dig, and areas you should avoid.

Call 811 or visit the Sunshine 811 website to have underground utilities marked.