Why Natural Gas?

From helping save you money to saving valuable energy, natural gas provides many benefits:

Natural Gas is Better for the Environment

  • Natural gas emits far less chemicals associated with acid rain, smog and greenhouse emissions than petroleum-based fuels.
  • Natural gas efficiency, combined with the growth of renewable energy, has led to energy-related carbon dioxide emissions hitting 30-year lows.

Natural Gas is Safe

  • America’s natural gas utilities invest $32 billion each year in enhancing the safety of natural gas distribution and transmission systems.
  • Nearly 187 million Americans and 5.8 million businesses use natural gas because it is safe, affordable, reliable and essential to improving our environment.

Natural Gas is Economical

  • Commercial and industrial customers have saved more than half a trillion dollars over the last decade by using natural gas.
  • More than 4.1 million jobs are connected to the natural gas industry.

Natural Gas is Reliable

  • Natural gas is there when you need it most. Through natural disasters and extreme weather events, the industry’s underground delivery system provides reliable energy Americans can count on.

Natural Gas is Domestic

  • Over 97% of the natural gas used in the United States is produced in North America (approximately 84% is domestically produced while the remaining 13% comes from Canada).
  • The direct use of natural gas can help reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil — working to keep over $1 billion energy dollars (and countless jobs) home every month.
  • America’s current natural gas supply is set to last well into the next century with a worldwide supply thought to be more plentiful than oil.

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